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Echo 2nd Generation International Version Charcoal Fabric Review

Echo 2nd Generation is the latest smart speakers range launched by the Amazon that is significantly smaller in size than the previous one. This product has become successful in beating the Google Home & Apple HomePod in terms of sale & positive response. We have received frequent requests from our readers for the review of this amazing smart speaker & that’s why we are creating this post. Here, you will receive complete knowledge about its features, advantages, & disadvantages. Let’s start the process.

Price & Availability

Amazon has played a gamble by reducing the price of this model to half as compared to the original model. It has become a huge success for them as the sale of Echo 2nd Generation is quite higher. Since its launch in October 2017, it has beaten up all the other smart speakers in terms of sale & price. These speakers are the perfect choice for the people who prefer the stylish look to their living room.


The size of the new model is smaller than its predecessor & takes very less space so that you can easily set it on your kitchen counter or even a shelf. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack near the power input for plugging external speakers to have better sound quality.


There are some new features added by the company in this model, but they don’t create much difference in terms of performance. One superb feature that will be loved added by the company in the Echo 2nd Generation is “Drop In” that is an incredible tool for informing kids about the dinner or making a call to the kitchen from outside. Additionally, the quality of calling is also excellent for the users.


  • The company has tried to give a new look to this smart speaker & become successful in doing so. There is a positive response to the design of Echo 2nd Generation all over the internet.
  • As mentioned above, the price of this speaker is reduced by 50% than its predecessor that is an added benefit for everyone. You will get better features by paying quite less amount of money after buying this product.
  • The Alexa feature has become a talk of the town in the recent months & you will get it in the Echo 2nd


  • There are some complaints among the users that the Alexa tool could have been created better. However, it still performs exceptionally well.
  • This smart speaker lacks additional rotating dial.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation is an incredibly smart speaker that you should add to your collection. It has quite an affordable price, appealing design, & Alexa that is loved by everyone. They have become successful in tackling the competition with the Apple HomePod & Google Home due to its incredible functionality & solid ecosystems. If you are looking for fresher air to your home sound system, then buy Echo 2nd Generation smart speaker now.

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