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Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels Review

Over the past some years, the consumption of paper towels in various countries across the globe. However, there are many brands available in the market make it difficult to choose the best one. In order to help our readers, we will today talk about a unique set of paper towels, named Bounty Select-A-Size that come in two huge rolls in a pack of six. We will go in-depth about this product for making sure you get all the important information. Read the complete post & then make your suggestion.


Major Qualities

  1. Incredible decorative prints

There is a great variety of prints on the paper towel that is loved by the housewives as it looks beautiful in the kitchen. Some of the major decorative prints consist of circular & insects designs that add charm to the place. That’s not all, ladies can teach their child through prints along with the technique to clean the mess.


  1. Fully Absorbent

This product is tested against all the major paper towels available in the market. The result shows that they are two times more absorbent than almost all of them. It makes sure that you use less number of towels for cleaning mess around the place.


  1. Great variety of sizes

The Bounty Select A Size is one of the few towels available in the market that comes in a huge variety of sizes. You will get the full liberty to choose a size that suits best to your needs. It is available in a huge number of sizes that include mega, super, regular, big, large, & giant size.



  1. Perfect for housewives & chefs

The company has made this product by keeping the needs of chefs & housewives in mind. They can easily clean the mess by using this paper towel without any difficulty.


  • This product is available with many different types of prints that give you a choice to select your favorite one. This option isn’t available in the majority of options available in the market.
  • These paper towels absorb almost double mess when compared to the ordinary paper towels. It makes sure you have to use less quantity.
  • If you choose Bounty brand, then you will get access to a great line of products that include toilet paper, regular napkins, facial tissues & many more.
  • These towels are made from high-quality material that makes sure it doesn’t break down while cleaning.


  • There are complaints among the users that the company should increase the number of paper towels in the pack. However, the manufacturer sells this product according to the towel’s size.


My Verdict

If you are looking a paper towel that is worthy of your investment, then buy the Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towel without researching further. The cost of this product is maybe on a higher side, but its benefits justify its big price tag. It can clean the mess efficiently & conveniently in the kitchen or any other place in the home.

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